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Oil Type Distribution Transformers

Oil type distribution transformers can change input and output voltages at desired rates up to 36 kV voltage level and 5000 kVa power. These are transformers in which the heat generated during operation is removed by transformer oil and cooling is provided by transformer oil so that it does not exceed the permissible operating temperature. It is divided into two: hermetic and expansion tank.

Technical Specifications​​

- 25 - 5000 kVA power range
- 36 kV high voltage level

Hermetic Oiled Type Distribution Transformers​

They can be used in the power range of 25 – 5000 kVA, up to 36 kV high voltage level, as three or single phase, with oil or natural cooling (ONAN). In addition, they are produced with idle tap changer or under load automatic tap changer and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

In hermetic oil type distribution transformers, internal heat as a result of changing oil pressure due to thermal changes is controlled by the natural expansion and contraction of the boiler wave walls. Mechanical design that can withstand these effects is manufactured.

Transformer with Expansion Tank

Transformers with expansion tanks; It is the same as hermetic transformers with its core and coil structure. The dimensions of the expansion tanks of this type of transformers are designed and manufactured as a result of calculations to store the expansion of oil, whose volume increases with temperature.

Since transformers with expansion tanks are open to the atmosphere, the oil pressure changing due to thermal effects is dehumidified by the air dryer in the transformer tank and air exchange is ensured.

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